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Adding a Table to a WordPress Page or Post

We are assuming some knowledge of how to open WordPress posts and pages, gained either from the reader's own experience of from our more basic instructions page.

Tables in WordPress

Tables are a fairly new core feature WordPress. Until recently, tables could only be created with the help of plugins, the best being the widely used TablePress.

But then along came Gutenberg, the new WordPress editing tool that is based on “blocks” instead of the previous single text-based editing area. Each paragraph became a separate block.

Not only that, the blocks have diversified into a multitude of different functions that keep being added to with each new update of the WordPress core system.

One of these blocks allows users to adds a table to their page or post. Let's see how it works.

Adding a new table

Start by choosing a new block. On your page editing screen, Click on the button at the top left of your screen, coloured blue in this example:

Selecting an new block in WordPress

When the options screen opens, choose Table by clicking on its icon:

WordPress table block

You will be asked how many columns and rows you want. You can edit this later.

Editing and adding options to table

Start adding text to your table. You can a caption underneath if you want. You can also add or remove columns or rows, change the look to stripes and give it a background colour. There are options to add a header or footer to the table.

Editing your WordPress table

Here are two versions of the same table, plain and with stripes and a coloured background:

2 versions of WordPress table

What now?

A good theme designer can make these tables look even better! See what it's like to work with us or contact us for a quote.

Last updated January 2021