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Website Planning Advice and Tips

Here is some advice to help you plan your website. For more information on working with Applegreen Websites, see our Terms page. Or you can sign up for quarterly updates and tips.

Material relating to WordPress how now moved to its own page, Wordpress Tips.

How do I write a privacy policy to comply with GDPR?

We have written a comprehensive list of privacy policy guidelines to help you. You can also have a peek at our own privacy policy if it helps.

Does WordPress enable me to update my own website?

The answer is a resounding yes. WordPress is a content management system: that means you can edit and create, without knowing any code yourself. But what does it all work?
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How do I engage with social media?

Social media are considered increasingly important in the stragegy for driving traffic to websites, but they also come in a bewildering variety. How do I decide which to use, and how do integrate with my website?
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I want my website to display well on mobile phones and tablets

Increasing numbers of people access websites from mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. Their screens are much smaller than we are used to with desktop or even laptop computers — so how do we adjust the display to work elegantly on all these platforms?
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I want my website to be found easily

Several strategies will enable your website to rank highly in search engines, particularly Google. Some of these require more day-to-day management than others!
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How many pages should my website have?

A website can be as long as you like. There is a standard set of pages visitors expect to find, but the fine detail will depend on the website's purpose.
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So all websites follow the same format, right?

Actually, websites are very personal and what you include will vary according to factors such as how often you can afford to have it updated and how complex the contact information needs to be. However, some information is essential to display prominently. Thus some careful content planning at an early stage will pay off later.
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I want the latest design for my website

Don't we all. Unfortunately, you can't control exactly how your website will be viewed by every visitor, and not just because some screen displays are much lighter than others. Included here is a whistlestop tour of how and why a single website can appear different on different computers. There are also some ideas for inspiration.
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My mate's brother's neighbour says he can do it cheaper

Why pay Applegreen if a friend can use some cheap software to create a website? The result may look all right but you'll find out in time that it doesn't work as well. Here are some good reasons to think carefully before entrusting an important tool like your new website to an amateur.
Why it pays to do it right...