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Website Portfolio: Hand-coded or WordPress

We have grouped our designs by category of business or organisation. We think this arrangement will help our clients find the inspiration they need for their own project.

These groupings are for convenience and should be used as a guide only. They are not intended to restrict certain designs to particular industries. Please browse the links below.

Browse websites by subject category

It might be useful for our clients to know which technology or platform was used for which site, so we have listed below a selection "by technology".

Browse websites by technology

Now we present a selection the same websites, organised by technology rather than subject: hand-coded, WordPress and e-commerce, in case this is useful in helping to decide.

Hand-coded websites

Our handcoded websites are lean and fast-loading, come in an infinite variety of lovely designsand are updated and maintained by us. Some are integrated with WorPress to provide a blog page which the user can update themselves:

WordPress Content Management System

Update your own website, after we have built it in WordPress. Applegreen provides support with learning to use WordPress in the form of our own instructions, teaching sessions and these refreshers available on our own website:

Ecommerce with WordPress

We install WordPress's proprietary ecommerce system, WooCommerce, and show you up to add products and connect the payments to your account via PayPal. WooCommerce is a free plugin but has many extra paid features:

Ecommerce with Shopify

We have found Shopify to be more flexible than WooCommerce when adding many variations to products, such as different sizes and colours for a single item. If your website is purely about selling, you might want to consider this option. The pricing structure is different for Shopify, so contact us for details:

Get in touch, we look forward to meeting you!

Last updated: April 2021