No-fuss websites in Kent and the south east, with applegreen
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Ecommerce Websites Portfolio

Ecommerce refers to the sale of products through a website, increasing the reach of shops and enabling small producers and crafts-people to sell cheaply. The products may be physical objects that can be sent in the post, or digital downloads of images or music.

Applegreen provides ecommerce facilities through WooCommerce, a WordPress plugin. WooCommerce enables the website owner to display their products neatly and succinctly, together with the detailed purchasing information. It also creates customer basket and checkout pages as well as a seamless integration with Paypal through which the customer can pay, by Papal or by card.

WooCommerce is a free plugin but has many extra paid features. For example, images for sale can be protected with a watermark provided by an extension to the plugin. Another extension allows for the personalisation of products with an engraved or written message. Another presents music files as protected samples to prevent illegal downloads.

Products can also be listed by category, making them exceptionally quick and easy for customers to find.

Click on the pictures to visit the websites.

Nick Bicât, composer and songwriter for film, TV and more

Agilityk9s, shopping website for dog agility accessories and feeds

Nick Bicât wrote the score for the 1984 movie A Christmas Carol, as well as The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Reflecting Skin and many more.

Through the website he is able to sell CDs, whole-album downloads, individual tracks and sheet music. Customers can listen to a short sample of each track, giving them a flavour of the music while protecting tracks from illegal recording.

Sales and online payments are handled through the website.

Molash Turkeys: fresh Christmas turkeys reared in the heart of Kent

Molash Turkeys sell home-reared turkeys a the farm gate

White and Bronze Christmas turkeys are offered for sale at the farm gate.

This website does not handle payments but enables customers to place orders and reserve their Christmas bird. The website automates the confirmation to the customer as well as the emailing of the order to the farmer. There are also sizing and cooking tips.

Abelia Handbags: handmade bags from vintage materials

Abelia Handbags, vintage bags of all kinds

Vintage fabrics are re-purposed into beautiful handmade bags, cushions and bunting. Patricia Buchanan sells them at fairs and shows and from her website which is integrated with Paypal.

Sanitysucks: send funny cards on every topic straight to your friends

Sanitysucks, comedy cards for sale Sanitysucks shop page

Sanitysucks makes sending cards easy: choose a card, add your message, set the address and pay — and off it goes. The cards feature cartoons drawn by Martin Fish, organised by category to make choosing easy. The images are protected by a watermark

Martin also draws the Sofasurfa comics for the surfing magazine Carve: Sofasurfa posters and mugs can be purchased from the Sanitysucks website.