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Websites for Writers, Bloggers, Literary Agents and Proofreaders

WordPress is great for showcasing good writing. Writers and proofreaders can use their websites to describe current and previous work, publishers and literary agents can show off their expanding list of clients and their books. Poets can integrate SoundCloud to share poems read in their own voice.

WordPress also handles the complex topic categories required by bloggers and journalists wishing to have their own oplatform. All this is carefully tailored by Applegreen according to need.

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Philip Gross — Poet, novelist, arts collaborator and teacher

Philip Gross, Poet, novelist, arts collaborator and teacher

Philip Gross is an award-winning poet, children's novelist, librettist and all-round advocate of the written and spoken word. Since his retirement from lecturing he has re-immersed himself in poetry, performances and collaborative works to beguile the imaginations of children and adults.

The website has an interactive element for sharing snippets of poetry or answering questions from readers. The main body of the site presents Philip's vast back-catalogue of literary works, including sample poems from every published volume and links to readings on SoundCloud.

Trevor Grundy World News and Background

Trevor Grundy News

Trevor Grundy is an English journalist who lived and worked in Central, Eastern and Southern Africa for thirty years. He writes regularly for international publications and news websites.

Designed especially for him, this website harnesses WordPress's blogging potential to present articles by category and by subject tag, as well as by publication date.

Enhanced by images with each article, the website is a hub of news, analysis and book reviews.

Paper Lion, cross-media literary agency

Paper Lion, cross-media literary agency

Paper Lion joins the expertise of literary agent Lesley Pollinger with the talents of digital consultant and e-rights expert Katy Loffman. Paper Lion looks after the estates of prolific literary greats like DH Lawrence as well as the interests of living authors such as Catherine Fisher and Saviour Pirotta.

This complex site provides templates for the agent to add a potentially unlimited number of books per author, each linked to its individual information page.

Jane Hammett Editorial — editing and proofreading

OCH Editorial

Jane Hammett can boast an enormous portfolio of books that have benefited from her literary input, as well as a long list of publishers who trust her with their projects.

Her website has room for case studies and testimonials from happy customers, and is enlivened with colourful imagery.

OCH Editorial — editorial project management

OCH Editorial

Christopher Long has worked with some of the world’s leading legal and academic publishers, in London, Oxford, Cambridge and overseas.

OCH’s clients are organisations and businesses wishing or needing to publish reports, books, journals, publicity material, manuals and on-line information.

YouByYou Books, life-story publishing

YouByYou Books, by Applegreen Websites, website design and building in Kent and the south east

Run by Anna Foster, this small company helps people turn their memoirs into books as gifts for their families and friends. The website abundantly showcases the work of YouByYou, demonstrating book types and examples to the prospective writer. It also includes a comprehensive guide to writing and producing a life story book.

Wealden Wonder-Muffins — recipes and lifestyle blog

Wealden Wonder-Muffins

Rachel Morris is a keen cook and delightful photographer. She also has an interest in unusual and historical recipes which she likes to test. The results are photographed and shared on the website before being gobbled by her family!

The whole recipe is shown, with ingredients and methods. Blog entries are grouped by category with slightly different layouts for each.

The Modern Novel, reviews of world-wide 20th century novels

The Modern Novel, a celebration of 20th century literary novels by John Alvey

Former translator John Alvey loves to read novels in several languages, review them and share his findings online. He is devoting his retirement to a website categorising this work by country and by author.

John had already created a website in html, but the design was not popular. We redesigned the website in Wordpress and handed it back to John, to continue adding his reviews.

Zoesbooks, self-publishing

Zoesbooks, managed by Applegreen Websites

Illustrated artists' books, poetry compilations and innovative children's stories have all been successfully produced through Zoe Meyer, who gives individual attention to all her projects. Her website explains her approach and shows the breadth of her work, adding useful testimonials from clients.

The original design was by Blackandwhitepixels with ongoing management by Applegreen.

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