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Websites for Makers and Repairers

A website is the ideal platform from which to sell crafts direct to the customer, or advertise craft and maker fairs throughout the year. We have also included repairers in this category because of the artisan nature of their work.

Click on the pictures to visit each website.

Weald Crafts, Hand-Made in the Weald

Weald Crafts, artists and makers of Kent, Sussex and Surry

Weald Crafts connects artists and craft makers across the Weald of Kent, Sussex and Surrey. They negotiate stall space at fairs for members to sell their work: expect to find jewellery, ceramics, woodwork, textiles and more.

The website advertises events and to showcases individual makers and their crafts. WordPress's user-friendly interface makes it easy to add more makers as they join, advertise events and create online newsletters.

Janie's Stringing, necklace and bracelet repair

Janie's Stringing, necklace and bracelet restringing

Janie's Stringing has restrung pearls and beads of all types for more than twenty years, for trade jewellers and for individuals. Some of her pieces have won awards, others have taken part in an exhibition in the British Museum!

This small website showcases her work and explains the different types of jewellery stringing.

Abelia Handbags: handmade bags from vintage materials

Abelia Handbags, vintage bags of all kinds

Vintage fabrics are re-purposed into beautiful handmade bags, cushions and bunting. Patricia Buchanan sells them at fairs and shows and from her website which is integrated with Paypal.

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