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Websites for Artists and Designers

Artists and designers have strong views about the look of their website. We work alongside them to make sure that what we create together really reflects them. Extra consideration is given to colour and presentation.

Click on the pictures to visit each website.

Oak View Studio — architecture and sustainable design

Oak View Studio website

Architect Robert Dowling's commitment to detail and quality shines through in this spacious website design. The minimalist navigation belies a healthy back-catalogue of previous work.

Robert is keen bring sustainability to his work and has signed up to RIBA's 2030 climate challenge, to decarbonise our housing stock and reduce its energy use.

Kate Chitham Fine Art, Shropshire

Kate Chitham Fine Art website

Fine artist Kate Chitham paints garden produce, flowers and landscapes in various media including bold, brilliant acrylic.

Her website, originally built in pure code, now harnesses the power of WordPress to sort Kate's work into categories. The display of each picture varies depending on its aspect ratio.

Kate Chitham: artist, painter and graphic designer

Kate Chitham, by Applegreen Website, website design and build in Kent and the south east

Understandably, Kate wanted to control the look of the website that showcases her work in several artistic fields. The result is interconnected squares in soft, pastel colours with delicious swirly watermarks hand-drawn by Kate herself.

Applegreen enjoyed rising to the technical challenges of this unusual project and is very pleased with the result of our joint efforts.

Alison Olorunsola, textile artist

Alison Olorunsola, textile artist, by Applegreen Websites

Alison Olorunsola creates large-scale canvases inspired by nature on land and sea, using a variety of textile and painting techniques.

With WordPress, she is able to upload photos of her works as they are completed, as well as keeping her exhibitions and courses pages up to date.

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