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About Applegreen Websites

Who is Applegreen?

Stephanie Boucher, founder of Applegreen Websites

Applegreen is Stephanie Boucher. Stephanie has ten years' experience in creating and running websites for small businesses and organisations. A former scientist and then journalist, she works hard to keep abreast of technical advances and make sure her clients get the benefit. She prides herself on her communication and interpersonal skills, and enjoys being part of a creative team.

Stephanie works from her home in the village of Biddenden, Kent. She keeps chickens, walks a dog every day and plays recorders and melodeon in her spare time. She is also passionate about baking bread, making sauerkraut and food-related fermentation generally.

How Applegreen operates

The watchword here is individuality, because every project is different. Some people have clear views about the purpose of their website, others would like to be guided. Some have a very precise design in mind while others are open to prompting by Applegreen.

Every project is different, but our usual practice is to meet new clients and get to know their style and their needs. Several versions of a design will be submitted for approval, usually placed online in a development area where only you will see them. We then work on your comments and keep building and improving.

Hosting and domain are purchased through third-party companies, as agreed with you.

The look of a website is important, and even if you have no trouble formulating your own ideas, it's a good idea to start by reading Applegreen's Design page. This will either help you test out whether your ideas can work or give you plenty to think about if you don't know where to start.

Best of all is to talk either on the phone or face to face. Either fill in our contact form or use the details below to tell us your ideas and get a quote.

Our Terms and Conditions page gives more details about how we will work together: please read this before we start work.

Last updated: February 2019